Hi, I’m Dani. I want to be happy. And I’m happy when I’m doing art! Now I know what you’re thinking: “Dani, that’s pure madness. People are only happy when I give them my money. You can only be happy with money.” You’re wrong. The studies are in: what actually makes you happy is owning art, especially art that was made just for you by Dani Saiz! Let me help you help me help you by giving me money (which, as we know, is the only way to be happy) and in exchange I will give you commissioned art (which, as we know, is the only way to be happy).

In your request please include:

  • All fillable spots in the form below
  • What email address to invoice (invoicing done through PayPal) if different from the email provided
  • A brief summary of what you’re looking to commission including:
    • If it’s digital art or looking for merchandise like stickers/keychains/posters/etc
    • Your budget
  • A link to a silly photo of your pet
    • Not necessary but I would love to see them
    • You can send links to any references you have instead